The Swarm Train


After a good start with 2 wins over top ranked 4A Spartanburg and Dorman, the Yellow Jackets faced off against another tough 4A team.

The Gaffney Indians came to UCS at 0-2 determined to make the Yellow Jackets their first win of the season. With this game being a rivalry, each team anticipated a hard fought battle.

The Yellow Jackets with their usual ritual claims the field with their unified walk. Unfortunately this did not impress or affect the Indians. The Indians came out firing on all cylinders. The Yellow Jackets soon found themselves behind in the score. Miscues and Mistakes plagued the Yellow Jackets throughout the night, thus leading to a defeat at the hands of the Indians.

Although the Swarm Train seemed to grind to a halt, this was only a mere bump in the tracks leading to WBS and another championship season. Regardless of the setback, the Yellow Jackets will be up and running again when they travel to Winnsboro to face the Griffins of Fairfield Central.

On another matter, there has been a lot of criticism towards the players and coaching staff for the Yellow Jackets. Everyone has an opinion about how things should go regarding play calling and positioning. We all have made comments and all have been ďarm chairĒ quarterbacks and coaches. These opinions are fine because our country was founded on the right to free speech, but when these opinions are voiced to the extent that someone is made to feel inadequate, then the opinions are better left unspoken. We all must remember that these young athletes are out there representing our school and our country. They are giving everything they have to try and win. They are trying to please themselves with their performance to make everyone around them feel proud. It is our responsibility to show them we are proud of them and their accomplishments whether they win or lose. Itsí not hard to a gracious winner, but it takes a winner to be a gracious loser in the face of defeat. Again, we must remember that these are only young people and they do not need to be bashed and humiliated by our loose tongues. We also must remember that the coaches are doing what they think is right on and off of the field. We have a fine coaching staff and we should show our support to them as well.

Iíll get down from my soapbox now and say one final thing;

GO JACKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


------- Tony Henderson -------