Union Yellow Jackets face
challenge in Dorman Cavaliers 


With an offense that features double tight ends for the first time in coach Dave Gutshallís career, itís pretty obvious that Dorman plans to run the ball. 
ďDonít get me wrong,Ē explained Gutshall, ďIím not saying that we won't throw the ball. We want to be able to go out and run the football and it will make it so much easier throwing the football, if we can establish the run.Ē But, against Aiken, the Cavaliers only manage 76 yards on the ground. 

That forced them into their passing game, grabbing 146 yards through the air, 85 in the second half. 

A major player in both their ground and air attack will be their 6-5, 230 tight end, No. 84 Andrew Lanier, who will sign a D1 scholarship with Virginia Tech later this year. Lanier caught five passes for TDs last season, earned the teamís Best Blocker award and can line up in the backfield as a fullback. He is ranked 21st in South Carolina in the High School Sports Report. 

All their wideouts from last year graduated, so Dorman is looking for some new playmakers, among them Tyler Starnes (5-8, 160) and No. 18 Demarius Hill (6-2, 180). Hill didnít play last year, but has proven himself the man to watch with 118 yards against Aiken, including a 51-yard TD. 

Overall, Dorman is, as always, very well coached.Their special teams are very good and their offense balanced with good speed. Their twin tight ends are very good, not only as blockers, but as pass receivers. Plus, the team is very physical. 

Typically, they line up with the quarterback under center with one back or the shotgun with one back. Their experienced offensive line allows them to run screen plays, something Union has had trouble with during the pre-season. 

On the goal line, they go to traps, quick pass to a tight end and a fade to the corner of the end zone. Their passing game is considered to be good anywhere on the field. 

Their kicking game is sound with punts averaging 35 yards and kickoffs reaching the goal line. And they can make field goals from the 35-yard line. 

Dormanís defense is considered to be as fast as they have ever been and features 5 to 7 seniors in the starting lineup. 

Basically, they line up in a 3-4 against almost any formation and have three players going both ways. The line has some varsity experience. Their best defensive lineman is No. 32, senior Torrey Copeland (6-0, 235), who is one of Dormanís typically great linebackers. 

The secondary is considered good against passes anywhere on the field, but the defense appears to struggle against the run. Aiken, who defeated Dorman 31-16 on two key turnovers, controlled the game with 49 plays for 316 yards on the ground. 

Union will have to stop Dormanís ground attack while keeping a defensive air blanket on Lanier and Hill, while getting its own ground and air attack game established. 

Plus, Union will have to match Dorman physically on both sides of the ball. 

The High School Sports Report says Dorman over Union by 18. Time will tell what Union will say. 


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