Greer wins Jacket Bowl


TRAVIS FAULKNER, For the Herald-Journal
Published October 29, 2006

GREER -- With a cloud nowhere in sight above Dooley Field, Greer quarterback Taylor Johnson tried to change that in one play.

His last-second heave at the end of the first half wasn't high enough to bring back the rain, but when the pass dropped from the sky into wide receiver Justin Anderson's hands it brought back the Yellow Jackets.

The 52-yard touchdown brought life to the region II-3A champs and fueled their comeback, as they laid claim to the Jacket Bowl with a 16-9 victory.

Union took a 9-0 lead with 30.8 seconds left in the half when fullback back Devon Thompson scored on 1-yard dive. After the failed extra point, Union tried an onside kick, which set up Johnson's prayer.

"It was a one time shot all or nothing," Johnson said. "(Anderson) told me at the line to throw it up and he would go get it."

"When the ball went up I knew I had it," Anderson said.

Union's momentum was damaged but they really had no reason to worry. Their swarming defense had held Greer to two first downs and minus-1 rushing yard. Greer's top running back Antoine Cross finished the game with 2 yards on 10 carries.

"No worries" didn't last long, when Union quarterback Cameron Willis injured his shoulder on their first drive and was replaced by Bo Whitney for the remainder of the game. Willis left the game with 72 yards passing on six completions.

Whitney fumbled a handoff attempt on his second play of the game, which led to 19-yard field goal by Daniel Fiske and Greer's first lead. Linebacker Ivan Dodd ended the scoring with an interception return in the final seconds.

"Willis has had a problem with his shoulder and elbow all year. He ran a dive and his shoulder was jammed in the ground," coach Tommy Bobo said. "We took him out as a precaution and we hope he will be back next week."

"Our defensive staff did a great job but we were limited on what we could do on offense. A lot had to do with field position in the second half," Bobo said.

"This is a huge win going into the playoffs. No matter how you look at it a win is a good thing," said offensive coordinator Jay Abercrombie.

"Head coach Will Young and the team will go to work on Monday business as usual and try to cut out our mistakes for the playoffs," Abercrombie said.



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