Within the Swarm – Clinton


The “Swarm” won’t be very big tonight.

Due to conditions beyond my control, I am unable to report to you the pre-game devotional, and the offense and defensive meetings of last Friday’s game against Clinton.

I can report Jacket activities once they arrived at Union County Stadium.

The pre-game devotional was given by Mark Kerr, the two-time drug free World’s Strongest Man. Kerr is no stranger to Union having spoken in Union once before at Philippi Baptist Church in February of this year. He also spoke at Friday’s 5th Quarter Activities held after the game at Union First Baptist Church.

Kerr has spoken at hundreds of school assemblies and ministered in drug rehabilitation centers, prisons, and gone into the inner cities, often using his great strength to bring a message of Christian love.

At the half. There was lots of chatter as the Jackets gathered with Coach Bobo at the end of the half. “We have 24 minutes more,” began Bobo. “We should have more than three points. The defense is playing great. Offensive line, I am challenging you. You have got to get better. Three points won’t win this game.

Their skill players can stay with ours. Last week, you turned it up. Defense – find a way to score. Defensive backs, know down and distance. We should have knocked that pass down on our twenty and we would have had better field position. I see lots of heart out there. O-line, this game is on your shoulders. We have GOT to run the football. We are looking for someone to keep 33 out of our backfield.”

Quick hitters. For the first time in recent memory, the Jackets did their pre-game warm-ups on the Union practice field. According to one coach, this was the recommendation of the seniors. So when the Jackets arrive at Union County Stadium just before 7 P.M., they went right into team drills…at the half, ahead by just three points, the players were animated and excited as they awaited the start of the second half… this was a hard loss for many of the seniors, to whom the coaches look for crucial on-field leadership…Union got several turnovers during the first half but was only able to capitalize on one.

After the game. Coach Tommy Bobo gathered the team together near the 15-yard line after the game and started out by reminding them that last year Clinton lost this game, got hot, and went on to play for the State Championship, clearly a reminder that their loss to Clinton didn’t kill their hopes for a great season.

“The defense played their heart out tonight,” continued Bobo to the spontaneous applause of the team. “I know you will work. Come in Sunday to look at the film.

You seniors wanted this game bad but you ALL need to want it. We didn’t play well on offense. Some of you had a bad night. We are gonna be tough on you Monday. Seniors, your attitude and leadership is key to what happens next. You are only guaranteed five more games. You have got to do something. We have GOT to get better on offense.”

The journey continues. Eastside. 7:30. The Jackets rebound.


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