Union High School athletes will soon have even more to work for, thanks to a group of former coaches, athletes and supporters. At the Bob Dunlap Appreciation Dinner in August, Coach Dunlap challenged the athletes from 1963-1969 to fund a Male and a Female Athlete of the Year Award at UHS. Coach Dunlap received some funds from associates and friends, some of whom had never even been to Union. Athletes, students and friends of that period were great contributors to allow us to exceed our financial goal by 12%.

A Board of Directors from this group has been formed. Those comprising the board are: Jerry Williams, President, Sandra “Country” Patrick Moss, Secretary/Treasurer, Mike Anthony, Dowl Thompson, Janice McCoy Jackson, Sue Jett Haney and Allan From.

This group has established the process and criteria for the award. Basically, the Head Coach of each UHS team, both girls and boys, will be able to submit one senior athlete from their team to a blue-ribbon selection committee. The committee will be comprised of the UHS Athletic Director, each head coach, one member from the Principal’s staff that the Principal will select, one sports media director from each media source that covers UHS sports on a regular basis and two members selected from the board of directors of the award. The awards will be presented in the spring and the date will be selected by the UHS Athletic Director. In addition to the awards the winning athletes will receive, a plaque will be placed at the school with the names of the recipients.

The awards will be based upon athletic achievements, personal character, and how the athletes reflect those attributes for Union High School. As the Alma Mater reads, “honor to thy name we bring, dear old Union High.” These are the characteristics Coach Dunlap insisted from those of us lucky enough to have played for him.

The originators of the awards program feel it will encourage both athletic and personal excellence in the athletes and give recognition for achievement. We are excited as we believe this will rekindle the spirit that is within the hearts of our athletes and ecourage them to reach for a higher star, the next level, to be the best Male and Female Athlete of the Year at Union High School.

Anyone wishing to make a donation may contact Sandra Moss at 864-427-3947. The organizers hope all supporters of UHS and former athletes will get behind this program, as so many already have done.



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