Newberry Bulldogs

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Post game show with Phil Kornblut on 92.1 FM

  1. Take Hwy 176 from Union through Whitmire. Hwy 176 will merge with Hwy 121.

  2. At the Hwy 176/121 split, stay to your right on Hwy 121.

  3. Continue on 121 until you get to Interstate I-26.

  4. Get on I-26 toward Columbia and travel about 4 miles to exit #76.

  5. Take Exit #76 and then make a right onto Hwy 219.

  6. The Stadium is about two miles down the road on your right.

My friend Wilson Senn from Newberry sent me this very helpful information

After the game, they don't want you to make a left turn so you do this: Turn right (with the traffic) and go to the 2nd stop light (CVS drug store on right) turn right onto Hwy #76. Continue on Hwy #76 to the stop light after Ace Hardware--you're out of Newberry now--take a right onto Hwy #121 and this will take you to Whitmire, Union, etc.

If you all are hungry before or after the game, there is a Burger King right across the road from the school (about 100 yds from the stadium) They're building a gas station beside BK in case you want to do a "pause for cause". We have a bank that goes from the home stands to the away so there are always worlds of people that stand up or bring blankets and sit down (great view and nobody's around you). Home radio station is 1240-AM. Away stands are concrete-hold about 2,000 and have restrooms and concession stands right there for you.

Optional directions and dining info

Take 121 to the first stop light, this is known as College ST. Newberry College is ahead on your left about one mile. There will be a BP station across the road. At this stop light take a left. This is where a lot of our restaurants and gas stations are. Gas stations are BP, Citgo, Phillips and Exxon. Restaurants include McDonalds, Hardees, Western Sizzlin', Sonic, Taco Bell, a soon-to-be-opened Arbys. One restaurant I would recommend is just after your third stop light, just before Western Sizzlin' is Sunset (on the left). It is a local restaurant that is known for its buffet and steak fingers. Orders sometime are a little slow so buffet if you're in a hurry (ribs are excellent btw). After you turn originally, you will go to your sixth stop light and turn left (about 2 1/3 miles). When you go by Hardees, you need to get into your far left lane as you turn left at the CVS and on game nights, the turning lane can go way back but you do get a turning signal. Stay in your far left lane and NHS is at the top of the hill. You'll see the lights on the left. There are four roads going into the school and you want to take the fourth one. A policeman will probably tell you to go either way. If you can turn right, the baseball field will probably be open so this is a good spot for people to get together and tailgate (gravel parking). There aren't any outside restrooms so you best stop on your way there. I've noticed that if you wait about 10-15 minutes after the game, you should be able to drive right out as traffic flows out extremely smooth and its best to go the way you came in. Getting there about 6:30-6:45 is an excellent time to get there as far as traffic goes. If you end up having to park around the baseball field or towards the interstate, go on Bulldog Drive away from the school, take a right at the end of the road and if you take a left, this will take you back to the interstate or you can take a right and go the same way.

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